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Improved Support functions
We have launched a new Ticket system and a Patch note function. Where you as a member can write to the support team and get answers in FLB, no need to keep conversation in a bunch of emails.
The Patch note function will make it easier for members to keep up to date will all changes in the system, big and small.

With this, all questions and Tickets will remain in the FLB system and you dont have to look for and read emails we send out.

We have also added function to request Aircraft. If there is an aircraft you are missing, there is a link Request Aircraft and you can with an easy form make a ticket with your request.
This is found in same Pop Up view where you add new Aircrafts.

We have also added afunction called Patch Notes, which is found under Support - Patch notes.
Here we will post all small changes to the system, we know when we sometime changes small things and maing upgrades, its easy to miss them.
Here we will post all changes so you can keep up to date with it all.

We always strive after a system easy to use.