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Makes it easier for Pilots, Technicians and Companies

Flightlogbackup is the online system for the daily work of pilots, technicians
and companies with our personal user accounts and company modules.

Company modules

Several Company Modules to help the company manage everything from
pilots papers, duty/flight times to Mission reportings and Sheduling.

Flightlogbackup features

Flightlog backup is packed with features for both Pilots, Technicians and Companies.
Check out key features below, and go to the product section for more product information.

Pilots and Technicians


FLB logbook makes it super easy to log your flights and work. Online, or from the iOS app


Don't ever miss Certificate expirations again.
You will be notified about it all.

Flight planning

With our VFR flight planning tool you can plan a flight in minutes.

Reports & Statistics

Get statistics and reports of all your flight activity. Print or watch on screen.


Company solutions


FLB consists of several Modules, no need to pay for features you are not using.


Set up the system to monitor certificates and flights automatically.


Upload company documents. Set deadline and see who has read.

Duty & Flight times

Keep track of Flight and Duty times. Easy to use for office and pilot.

Internal reporting

QM Module makes internal reporting easy.

Mission Reports

Submit mission reports direct after mission. The office receives it right away.


Set up a Company forum for the employees. Only accessible for the company userse.

Internal Messages

Internal Messages makes it easy to communicate with all company users.


FLB news

Stay tuned on all changes to FLB, online and on the mobile devices.

News archive
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Version 3.0.0 of the pilot app now available

Version 3.0.0 of our iOS application for pilots is now available. New navigation, design and foundation for a lot more new cool functions later.

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news image

Import previous flights

With the new Importer function you can now import your previous flights from a CSV - .xls or .xlsx file.

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news image

All new website design

After 4 years we have launched an all more modern and fresh design for the website.

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FLB App 2.2.2 available for update

Version 2.2.2 is now available. Updated for iOS 8 and some bug fixes from earlier version 2.2.0.

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