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Aviation Logbook - Technicians

Electronic Technicial logbook

With one of the first electronic log books for aviation technicians / mechanics you can log your work and see if you stay current.
Free to register and use, also available for iPhone.

Log all important information

  • Work time
  • Aircraft / Aircraft group
  • Type (Base / Line)
  • Category work, A, B1, B2 etc..

Also log information like:

  • Part-145 Organization work performed under
  • At which Station / Workplace
  • ATA chapters involved
  • Rotor engagements / Taxi
  • And more


With our summary tool you can withdraw a lot of good and nice to have reports. Keep track of work done last 24 months to stay current.
Check how much work you have done on a speficic ATA chatper or Aircraft / Aircraft group, and more.